Are you a Lurker?

Cranky_7 It is 2007!! The year of Web 2.0, iPhone and more cool gadgets. However it could also be the year of De-Lurking. Friends of mine, Veerle Pieters & Larissa Meeks, agree with me.

What is delurking? Well if you are just coming to this website, read, and not comment. Well that is delurking. It is when people join websites or subscribe to website and don’t participate.

Don’t get us wrong, if you want to just read our posts, that is fine! 🙂

That is just like me!! LOL. I’m guilty for lurking!! I am subscribed to a lot of websites and have sooo many profiles. It is just too much! I’m trying to cut down on joining some many website and just pick the ones I like best.

The next few posts that I’m going to write about I would like to hear the voices from our viewers. I will be writing about how hard or easy it is to convert yourself from a PC to a Mac. Stay tuned.

The point of this article is, we just want to hear more back from our readers. I love it when I get comments from people. Most of the time I try to respond back to them as soon as possible.

For an example, one NON Lurker that I have gotten in communication with is Elsie Escobar. She is a yoga instructor and podcaster. She commented on how my article “Understanding How RSS Works”. Before she read my article she didn’t really understand about RSS, but the article put things into simpler terms for her.

That same article helped Caleb Thomas select the Google RSS reader to manage all his RSS subscriptions.

I was excited to hear from them and how the article helped them out. Who knows how many other people learned about RSS through the article?

And just in case you missed it January 8-12 was National Delurking week, so we invite you to step out of the darkness, and just say hello.  Since that day overlapped with CES excitement, we want to try that out again. So leave a comment, and tell us who you are, and if you have a blog, leave a link so we may reciprocate the bloggy love.

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  1. yogeek 22 January, 2007 at 09:42

    I have to be honest, as generally I am a Lurker, but when prompted by quality work and a sense of humor I Delurk. I gotta say that it does feel good to at the very least say Thank You!!!!!! Off to Delurk on some other website! Maybe I should see how many comments I can leave in as many weblogs as I can!!!! Whoooopeeee!

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