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3 Great Businesses You Can Start on Your Own

If you are tired of working for someone else and feel like you are being underutilized then it might be time to move on and start on something new. This is not 2008 anymore, you are actually aloud to take risks because it is not so hard to find a job anymore if all else fails. Starting your own business is stressful but when you wake up one morning and realize that you made it then it will all be worth the struggles.

Flipping houses

Now I am sure you have watched the tv show flipping vegas. While they may be a bit dramatic in the way they do things flipping houses is actually a great business to get into as long as you are able to remain calm under stress. There are so many cheap houses out there that can use a bit of elbow grease to turn a profit. The houses market seems to be doing much better over the past few years. Just a bit of advice. Do not take all of the risk by yourself, find an investor or partner than can help you start out.

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Big Data

Big data has become a buzzword over the past decade. There are thousands of companies out their that are utilizing data in many ways. Healthcare seems to be the most popular avenue for these companies as they are utilizing medical claims data to find waste in the insurance industry or finding patterns in the data to keep the people insured healthier.


Many people are starting to capitalize on their skills to help consult for other companies. There are tons of startups out their that have a great product but they are terrible when it comes to bringing it to market. This has typically been done by someone that wants to retire but does not want to give up working. What most people do not realize is that after just a decade of working in one industry they are basically an expert already and have the ability to share their knowledge with others that are new. Many start ups have an advisory board and you can literally get paid monthly just to advise companies on how they should proceed.

Deciding to leave your job and starting a new business can be stressful but the satisfaction of making it is well worth the risk.