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Which Important Boundaries To Draw In A Relationship

Relationships are meant to involve trust and giving in many different ways but it is also important to notice when the giving and taking becomes too much. There are certain boundaries that are necessary to be set in a healthy relationship and it is important for individuals in a relationship to be able to understand the differences between what is acceptable and what is unacceptable. The following are some examples of some boundaries that are common to set in a relationship as recommended by this article and professionals in the field.

Freedom From Domestic Abuse And Violence

Regardless of the relationship, everyone has a right to be free from violence. There are no circumstances where a person has the right to lay their hands on another, regardless of the relationship. Crossing the boundaries in this regard can lead to significant impacts on the individual as well as legal implications for the offending individual as well.

Being Truthful With One Another

Relationships are based on trust and truth and it should never be permissible for one person in a healthy relationship with another to misrepresent the truth to them. Ensuring that truthfulness is maintained in a relationship is an important boundary that must not be crossed or else the integrity of the relationship may significantly be compromised. These are some of the reasons why truth is a really important element to maintain in a relationship.

Respecting Independence

While individuals in a relationship can expect to be significantly intertwined, there is still a significant amount of independence that needs to exist in a relationship. Making sure each member of a relationship has enough space for themselves and the opportunity to engage with others is an important element to keep in mind in a healthy relationship.


Despite the significant amount of interconnection that exists in a relationship, there are still a significant amount of boundaries that need to exist for a relationship to be healthy. These are some of these boundaries and there are likely to be others. It is important to maintain these boundaries in order to maintain a healthy and sustainable relationship. Know of any others? Let us know down below!