2007 Predictions!!

Iphone_1 A new year is around the corner for all new gadgets. After Computer Electronic Show (CES) in January, everyone will get an idea of what products will be out there, but CES doesn't not exactly have 100% reliability of when the products will be on the market.

So I thought it would be a good time where I could give my 2007 predictions of what will happen with Gadgets, Phones, Operating systems, Gaming, Mp3 players, & Websites.

Viewing Legend: If you see a green $ at the end of my prediction, it indicates that I will actually purchase it in 2007.

My Predictions:

1. No need for wires to charge your phone, camera or anything with a lithium battery.
There is a concept out in the techie world, that there is a charge platform (like a cutting board) where you can place your phone/camera/etc and will charge the battery wirelessly. This product  will be available for purchase in 2007 because in 2006 the concept came out to the public. $

Mobile Phones
2. Videos available for download onto your phone will be more user friendly. I think the

US will try to catch up to the Koreans. Korea has huge advancement with the mobile phones. So for instance, you will be able to watch and download TV shows like the "Office" on your phone. Or watch videos on Youtube.com in an easier way. Example. Youtube will probably work a deal with Verizon/Cingular/ and etc.

3. There will be a new concept of accessing your computer at home with your phone. So if you want to look at a document, video, picture, or listen to an mp3 on your phone, you will be able to do this wirelessly.  Just access your "at home" computer, find the file, and selected it on your phone. Hence, this may knock out the idea for SD memory cards but have more fast mobile phones (RAM).

4. There will be mobile TV networks on the internet. You will see a TV network company for strictly for mobile phones.

5. I think we will be able to pay gas, phone bills, movie theater tickets, and more all with our phone. In Switzerland, Korea, and other countries already have this function. It’s time for the US to step it up.
    a. I think Verizon may continue CDMA phones, but they may poke at the idea of going GSM?-hint hint VERIZON!!!

6. You may also see RSS feeds for your mobile phone. Kind of like a mobile Google Reader. So any updates from your favorite websites will be notify you on your phone about the update and view it.

7. Cell phones will have a new standard for camera phones. Now there are tons of cameras out there that only have 1.3, 1.5 mega pixels. Those picture qualities stink and out of date. Heck there is a camera phone out there with 10 mega pixels.  The new standard will be between 2-3 mega pixels for camera phones.

8. I pray and hope that there will be an awesome phone that does everything and is compatible with Mac OS & XP/Vista. The phone will be able to sync your calendar, email, contacts, videos, pictures, all the awesome functions that we basically have now, but actually have WIFI!!! There are tons of phones that are awesome out there, but don't have WIFI. grrr...Make WIFI a standard!!!

9. Motorola will develop a phone or have a concept of a phone just like the Q but with a touch screen.

10. The actual iPhone will not come out in 2007. In case you don’t know all the hype about the iPhone actually was from Linksys. Wah wah…..Sorry Apple. (May Apple will sue Linksys for using the lower case "i"?--LOL)

Computer Operating Systems.
11. I predict..Vista will ACTUALLY come out this year !!! $

12. I will buy Mac OS-Leopard. $

13.  Xbox 360 will lower the price & Halo 3 will actually come out. Thus leading them to having more sales than the PS3 & Wii. (That’s right, I said it!)  $-Xbox 360 & $-Halo

14.  PS3 will have a recall on the console, just like how they recalled their laptop batteries that blew up.

15. Warcraft will be available on a game console. $. (& $-Mac OS-I need to get it for my computer)

MP3 Players
16. In 2007 the Zune will have 2 new Zunes:
        1. It will have a smaller player with 10GB for $200.
        2. The 30gb Zune will be a slimmer player. $. (But I love the iPod)

17. iPod shuffle with come out in different colors.

18. iPod nano will come out in 10GB & 13GB. Why 13GB?? Because it is an odd number, no one else has 13GB, and it is fun!!

19. There will be a company that will actually develop a good water resistant or waterproof mp3 player. There is already one out there, but it sucks because it is only 256MB. Sooooooooo old school. $

20. Web 2.0 will blow up the internet. Which will lead into having hackers out there with SPAM. Thus, there will be some type of software to stop Web 2.0 SPAM. The reason being is because there are tons of pseudo profiles on Myspace.com that send SPAM in the bulletins & messages. NO COOL.

So we are interested on what you think about the these predictions so send us a comment, your predictions, or suggestions!!

Happy Holidays!!!!


  1. marty 14 January, 2007 at 12:39

    WATERPROOF 2nd generation iPod Shuffle
    Your #19 prediction has come true! Congratulations!

    While other versions of the iPod have waterproof cases, I haven’t heard of a waterproof case for the 2nd generation iPod Shuffle. As the minute size of the 2G Shuffle would make it the perfect digital player for watersports, it’s too bad that a waterproof case for this unit hasn’t been produced… yet. However, the great news is that there is a WATERPROOF 2nd generation iPod Shuffle sold on the web by SWIMMAN at http://www.swimman.com. It’s sold along with their excellent waterproof headset that has been rated on the web as being the best waterproof headset on the market. I have used it and now won’t go in the water or do laps without it. Consequently, we may not need a waterproof case (that would add bulk and are prone to leak) for the 2G iPod Shuffle after all.

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