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10 Things Which Mobile Phones are Making Obsolete

Do you remember growing up when your elders promised that there'd be flying cars in the future? Well, that has not yet happened. But still, we can’t deny how rapid tech advancement has had a significant impact on almost every aspect of our lives. The mobile phone technology, especially, is the most accomplished when it comes to making things obsolete.

If you don’t believe it, make a comparison between a modern home and one from two decades ago. You’ll note stark differences ranging from wind-up cameras to the phonebooks on the kitchen counter. Although sometimes it’s hard to part with items that were once staples in your life, why buy paper lottery tickets when you have your phone? Or why walk all over to the light switch when you can use a voice assistant app such as Alexa?

Below are ten things that are obsolete, thanks to the convenient mobile phone in your hands.

1) Payphones and Landlines

Long gone are the days when you had to pull over and look for a payphone whenever you wanted to make a call. Although it’s essential to pull over when making a call, there’s no limitation of where you can stop since you have your mobile phone with you. Mobile phones have also eliminated the need to use directory assistance or phone book to keep important numbers. Most importantly, nowadays, it’s possible to call anybody at any time, regardless of the distance.

2) Intercom

Back in the days, people with large houses had intercom systems installed to replace the dinner bell. Although seen as an upgrade, the system was no better than yelling your lungs out, calling whoever was downstairs or upstairs.

But that’s a thing of the past. Nowadays, if you want your family to come out from various rooms in the house, simply send a group text. Sharing text messages have made communication easy, whether you’re in the same place or oceans apart.

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3) Calculators

There was a time everyone used to have a calculator on their desk at home and work to help with hard calculations. These gadgets were convenient and time savers, especially because they were small and had long-lasting batteries. Nowadays, however, mobile phones have rendered calculators obsolete. With the calculator app, you can do more than the small calculator could have done.

4) VHS and Voice Recorders

Long before every footage created was availed through Netflix, YouTube, and iPlayer, the videotape cassette recorder was on demand. People used these to preserve their favorite TV shows and catch up with what they missed. Similarly, dedicated voice recorders were used to record lectures and interviews. These two, however, have become obsolete as smartphones today come with inbuilt video and voice recorders, which are quicker and easier to use.

5) Portable DVD Players

Using portable DVD players made long journeys bearable as you could pack a few of your favorite movies. Mobile phones, however, are more compact as all you need is to download movies directly on your smartphone. Alternatively, you can choose to stream online as long as you have a stable internet connection.

6) Digital Cameras

The world of photography started with wind-up cameras where involved film development. The digital camera slowly replaced these with everyone in the mid-2000s hyped about owning a digital camera. The introduction of smartphones with cameras that have desirable features that have rendered carrying cameras around obsolete.

7) Flashlights

There was a time that a flashlight was considered an essential item, especially for safety purposes. While that has not changed, nowadays you don’t need an extra gadget as your mobile phone can light up all your way. Better yet, you have an option to download your desired flashlight app if you feel that your smartphone light is not enough.

8) Timers

This is one of the innovations that is long forgotten. With phones coming with an in-built timer and clock, you no longer have use for that old wall clock in your kitchen or alarm in your bedroom. Mobile phone timers are so convenient that you can use them when walking, working out, or reading.

9) iPod

Not so long ago, almost everybody had an MP3 player or an iPod listening to their favorite music. But with the introduction of smartphones with large memories where you can store all your music, these two have become old-fashioned.

10) GPS

GPS was one of the most revolutionary inventions of all time. It eliminated the need to walk around with maps when touring a new place. Nowadays, however, you don’t need a GPS as your mobile phone has this option for you.

The above are just a few examples of innovations that mobile phones are making obsolete. As mobile tech continues to advance, you should expect to see more things becoming outdated.