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Give Your Feet a Break with Diabetic Socks

Diabetes is a condition that causes elevated blood sugar levels. With this disease, women are just as likely to be affected as men. The biggest complication comes from damaged blood vessels and nerves. Any part of the body can be affected, especially the legs and feet. The damaged blood vessels and nerves can impair circulation to the legs leading to a loss of feeling. This means a diabetic will not feel foot injuries because the nerves have been affected. In addition, another symptom is dry and cracked skin that allows bacteria to enter the feet and cause a fungal infection.  Diabetic socks have been created to help prevent these issues.


Doctors have advised that people suffering from diabetes need to take extra precautions for their feet. It is important to wash the feet every day. Inspect them for injuries or other signs of distress. In addition, wear proper footwear such as diabetic socks. These socks have special features that prevent or alleviate the symptoms of diabetic feet. The socks have non-binding tops to help with circulation, padded soles to increase comfort and protection, low toe seams to prevent chafing, and are made from fast drying materials to decrease the risk of foot infections.

Over time, diabetics often experience poor blood flow to their feet due to damaged blood vessels from diabetes. Diabetic socks have loose tops which allow for unrestricted blood flow to the legs. This is a vast improvement over traditional socks that have tight cuffs at the top that bind and constrict blood flow.


Besides relaxed fit sock tops, diabetic socks also have plush bottoms to insulate the feet from the impact of walking and running. This helps to protect the feet and add more comfort with every step taken. At the same time, the cushioning is not excessively thick and does not require a bigger shoe size.

Another feature that compares favorably against regular socks are the gentle seams on these socks. Normal socks are typically made with bulky seams because it is cheaper to do so. Most diabetic socks have flat or seamless toe seams that are hand linked. While this is more labor intensive, the socks will feel softer around the toe area and will create much less friction against the skin.


Lastly, socks for diabetics are great for the feet because they keep them drier. These socks are made from a combination of natural and synthetic fibers. Natural fibers are good at absorbing moisture. Synthetic fibers are good at transferring moisture to the surface. The two materials together enable capillary action, absorbing and bringing the sweat to the top layer of the socks. This is a great way to keep the feet dry and to prevent foot infections.

Diabetes is a serious disease that comes with a lot of health complications, especially in the feet. While there is no cure for this disease, diabetics can prevent foot complications by taking extra care. Wearing diabetic socks is a great way to improve circulation, protect the feet, and add comfort at the same time.