Soothe away your stress with this wrist band

hivox-stress-relieverBoy do I wish I was back in school, and come to think of it, there is a Peter Pan inside each and everyone of us. Growing up might come with some perks, but adults rarely warn children that there's this thing called "stress" which tends to pile up all to fast especially in today's fast-paced world and marketplace. There are many routes to alleviate yourself of stress, and some of them includes getting enough exercise, while others resort to less healthy vices such as smoking and drinking. Here's a modern take on the ancient method of acupuncture from Hammacher that aims to give you improved sleep time and quality - the HiVox Stress Relieving Wrist Band.

This biofeedback device apparently offers natural relief for stress without the need to pop pills, but instead gently massages and stimulates the pressure points located within your inner left wrist in the same spots the acupuncture needles are supposed to be inserted. This non-invasive procedure costs $79.95 a pop, but for those who can't afford one, just ask your kid to read from his/her history book and you're bound to doze off in an instant.

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  1. Marie 19 July, 2007 at 14:51

    I have one and I freeeeeeking LOVE it. I am using it in tandem of my normal night time drugs, but now I actually sleep all the way through the night. Be forewarned though, it doesn’t start to work right away. You have to use it for many nights in a row before you really start to benefit.

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