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6 Techniques for Getting Twitter Followers

Gaining popularity on social media is a goal that many individuals –– and businesses –– now share. One of the best ways to do that is to make an account on the most popular social networking platform, Twitter. There are several ways of increasing your followers’ count here and spread your message to your target audience. Today, we will talk about six simple techniques to do just that:

Top 6 Methods for Getting Twitter Followers

1) Have a Complete Profile

Make sure that your profile on Twitter is complete and has an avatar that shows your real face or business logo. Bolster the avatar with a strong bio or your mission statement. People want to know who they are following, so it is important to show your original photograph or the company’s symbol. Never use random graphics or a default picture; it signals the users you are not a real person or business.

2) Write Well Structured Tweets and Tweet Frequently

Always write well-structured tweets and make sure you are posting at least one tweet, per day. Don’t post unreasonably because those who follow you may get tired of your ramblings on Twitter. When you write tweets, make them interesting and challenging. Don’t try to be very funny because that may make you come across as lame. You can also post interesting links related to your business to get more followers. People love to read news about their favorite subject. When sharing, make certain it is something that will compel users to retweet your post. As a business, you should tweet according to audience insights. Otherwise, you will not only lose your followers but it will also cost your business.

3)  Re-tweet, Re-tweet, and Re-tweet

Social networking sites are all about being selfless. In order to become more popular on Twitter, make others feel your presence. One way to do so is by retweeting posts of others. Everybody loves it when they get retweeted and once you start the process, others will retweet your posts too, leading you to get more followers.

4) Follow Those Who Follow You and More

Again an act of selflessness –– following others will help in bringing a drastic increase in your Twitter followers. If someone follows you, follow them back, and conduct random following sprees. Follow people who share posts like yours or those you’re interested in. Every user keeps a keen eye on who follows them and once you start following people with similar interests, you will surely get more followers.

5) Use Hashtags

To connect with other people who have similar interests as you, use hashtags to increase the visibility of your posts. Create tweets based on hashtags. In addition, keep an eye on the trending topics and post about them using the hashtags.

6) Repeat Your Popular Tweets

Search your Twitter name and see which of your posts got the most retweets and replies. Then, repost those tweets but make sure you post them with an 8-12-hour gap. By doing so, you will be able to reach those who missed out on your tweet and gain more attention. People log on to Twitter during different times of the day and therefore, it is crucial that you retweet your posts to cater to a bigger audience.