Simple Ways to Get Top Tech on a Tight Budget

There's no need to break the bank to get the latest must-have gadgets.

We all know technology is one of the fastest moving industry sectors – there hardly seems time to get used to a new gadget or device before an upgraded model comes on the market – or even a totally new concept. That might seem like a great thing – constant new tech is appealing - but what that means for your bank balance is that it is hard to keep up with all the latest offerings if you're on a tight budget.

However, there are ways to get your hands on the latest innovations without going into debt or starving for a month. Take a look at this article if your looking for a better negotiation strategies, and tactics.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

In 2017 Black Friday and Cyber Monday are on 24th and 27th November respectively so not long to go to plan what great tech buys you want to aim for during these huge sale events. These are probably the best chance you'll have to snap up a real bargain but you will have to be well prepared and do your research to make sure you get the latest tech and not an outdated model.

Cyber Monday has typically been a good time for high-tech bargains but you'll also find great tech deals on Black Friday too. In previous years some prices have been reduced by 80% - wow – and for the latest gadgets too that's got to be worth getting up early and queuing for (and maybe even sharpening those elbows for the scrum)

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What are the best buys?

Laptops (especially gaming laptops), games consoles (look out for Microsoft's Project Scorpio) and the latest television such as  4G HDR OLED.

These are big ticket items but avoid borrowing cash if you can and you'll get a double bonus by saving on the interest payments too.  This is especially true if you have a bad credit record and would need a bad credit loan to get the money.

Regular Sales

There once was a time when retailers only held sales once or twice a year (usually in January and in the summer). Nowadays some retailers seem to have permanent sales or no sooner does one finish than another starts a couple of weeks later. That makes it much easier for the savvy buyer to hunt out a bargain tech buy any time of the year.

Nevertheless the Holiday season is still one of the best times to pick up tech bargains at reduced prices. Around Christmas some retailers offload all their stock ready for new models in the new year, but as we already know some of the so-called "old" models are still very recent technology (sometimes considerably less than 6 months old) but can be picked up cheaply if a newer model is soon to be in stock.


What are the best buys in the sales?

Laptops, PCs and computing equipment including items specifically for serious gamers are some of the best buys in the regular sales. Tablets, smart phones, smart watches and fitness trackers are also a good deal around Christmas as many are discounted to entice buyers to purchase them as presents.

Consider Pre Owned Equipment

Sales are nice, but they only happen a few times each year, and if you miss those opportunities, it can be expensive to shell out money to get brand-new tech. Another option is to buy pre-owned equipment. A lot of negative things are associated with the word preowned, but people need to know more about how a preowned gadget is resold.

Only go to certified refurbishing centers to get your hands on affordable quality gadgets like laptops, desktops, and other devices. Refurbished means that, even though they are used, they are not abused. Tech experts ensure that everything that’s wrong with the equipment has been fixed and replaced. Before these are resold at affordable prices, they pass strict quality checks to ensure that they work as intended and for a long time.

Big Brand Promotions

It's not very well advertised but many of the bog names in technology like Apple, Samsung, Sony and Microsoft all offer discounts on their high-end products to people working in certain industries.

So if you work in education or healthcare you may be eligible for discounts of 10 per cent or more. You'll need to get in touch with Customer Relations at the manufacturers themselves to negotiate the discount. If you don't work in these sectors then don't forget to talk to friends and relatives who do – because some companies will extend the discount to family members and even sometimes to friends. You might find that teacher you know is suddenly your new best friend.

Remember do your research, be prepared and you could bag yourself a tech bargain.