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Avoiding Instagram Shadowban: What the Community Managers Should Know

You notice that the visibility of your Instagram posts only stagnates or decreases as the days/weeks pass, and you have never heard of shadowban?

This is a penalty applied by the social network to your account due to possible abuse or misuse of the post features.

What mainly causes this sanction is mainly the use of spam practices, namely:

  • like & too many comments over a given period
  • rude follow/unfollow
  • reports from other users

A shadowban quickly arrives when Community Managers go through tools to automate their account growth, like the late Instagress. The use of certain hashtags can also lead to the penalization of your Instagram account, and we will give you a tool to carry out a test before posting your content.

1) Pay attention to the speed of following/unfollow

You can follow up to 7,500 people on Instagram, that's huge! Imagine the number of posts you would constantly receive on your feed if you were in this situation.

Technically, there is, therefore, no restriction on reaching this figure. On the other hand, it is the manner and above all the speed with which you reach such figures that could be a serious problem.

Recent accounts will have an even greater limitation to avoid maximum slippage. Many tests have been conducted, and it turns out that the penalties arrive as soon as you exceed 30 followers per hour or 800 per day.

2) Limits of like & comments per day

350 Instagram likes per hour maximum are allowed as per Instagram rules. To get to that number, you have to have the easy trigger (or go through robots hated by Instagram). If you reach this figure multiple times, the social network will be able to deactivate your account permanently or temporarily.

In the same way for post comments, do not exceed 100 per day, or a maximum of 8 per hour. You cannot mention more than five people in a single comment, and be careful not to post the same content multiple times.

3) Clear rules for posts

Instagram limits the number of hashtags on each of the posts to 30. If you ever try to trick by adding 30 additional hashtags in the first comment of your photo/video, there will be no additional positive SEO impact; the network social only considers the first 30 keywords.

4) The use of certain hashtags causes the shadowban

The social network is extremely vigilant in the various keywords used by Instagram users in their posts. Some of them are banned by default, and to find out, we recommend you go to this tool called Banned Hashtags. This will simply tell you what you are allowed to use.

5) What to do in the case of shadowban?

In case your account is the victim of an Instagram penalty, here are some steps to follow:

  • deactivate all the services having access to your account and in particular the automation services
  • wait for at least 48 hours without doing anything
  • reread all the posts and in particular the hashtags to be sure not to have chosen the wrong keywords, and delete them if necessary


In short, the rules set out above are only common sense, and Instagram is right to have implemented these limits to avoid drifts. So, if you think you are experiencing the effects of a shadowban, you know what you have to do.

Author Bio: Rehan Sardar is an enthusiastic blogger and marketing manager of He maintains a keen interest in progress and development in the marketing and business space.