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How Gambling is Evolving in 2020

Gambling is everything it ever was plus some now. When walking into a casino you will notice most of the same games are there with a lot of added ones. There are virtual machines everywhere and slot machines the size of a small house. What’s completely different is that you can now play online and most of it is legal. While browsing through most reputable sites you will see there are many different things to bet on as well as live dealers to play with.

What to See Online

In 2020, players can now use skins to gamble at gambling sites like CGSOBook to bet on their favorite esports events and tournaments. By using skins, it allows most sites to become legal.

Besides for the use of skins there are online dealers which is one of the best parts. If you do not live near a casino or do not like playing blackjack against a computer, you can play virtually with a live dealer. All you typically must do is go in there and select the limit you want to play before making sure there is an open sear. From there it is fun, and you can even tip the dealers. If you do not want to wait on the other players to make decisions, then roulette or Baccarat may be a better choice for you.

Same Games but Different Rules

If you were used to walking up to a pai gow table and seeing all of the player flip over their cards before the dealer then think again. If you take a visit to Seminole Hard Rock Casino, then you will find a variation of pai gow where the dealer flips there cards allowing you to adjust yours creating a completely different strategy. Of course, the casino has to find a way to still make money so the odds change, and more bonuses are added to make up for it.

Just like the pai gow variation you can now play baccarat without any rake if you decide to bet banker. The only catch is that if the banker wins with a six then you only get paid half of your original bet. When it happens, it feels unfair but in the end the odds are that the banker is rarely going to win with a six.

Gambling is changing and it would be interesting to check back in another year to see how far it has come.