The O.C. Video Game

Oc Many things come out of "The O.C." like lots of drama, good music, fashion ideas, and now an O.C. video game. Gameloft will announce a collection of Hollywood-related mobile games including "The O.C.", "War of the Worlds" and "King Kong". The O.C. game will allow players to assume roles of one of the four main characters from the show or to create their own original character. It will be similar to The Sims, but this one will allow you to dress to impress, join cliques, date the right people and strive to fit in the ultra-trendy community much like the show. Sooo California. Source


  1. sarah 4 April, 2006 at 05:18

    im from australia and i have season one and two on dvd and all five cds, i dont wanna spoil it so ive only watched the season three shows that have aired. anyway what system do i play this on? i really want it! oh and is it available in australia?

  2. someone 19 March, 2006 at 17:44

    i live in australia and i watched 15 of ther episodes of season 3 before they were released in my country. i own the 1st 2 seasons. im clearly obsessed. how do i get this game?

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