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3 Products you Should Have When Marijuana Legalization Comes to Your State

Legalization is now expanding into many states that previously outlawed it. Just a few days ago Illinois opened their first recreational dispensaries which came with a mass dismissal of minor charges, and a major uptake in new consumers. For the past few years when each state has legalized Marijuana the amount of consumers spike instantly and many people have no clue what to do. This post is not going to give advice on the actual Flower but the accessories you should be using that you may not know about.

FireShot Capture 215 Ash Catchers DankGeek

Buying your First Glass Bong

Buying a bong can be intimidating since they can range anywhere from six inches to six feet. One thing you need to buy along with your bong is an ashcatcher. An ashcatcher is exactly what it sounds like. Typically if you do not have one, the ash makes it’s way into the chamber, which makes it so much harder to keep your bong and water as clean as it should be. Clean water is always a priority when using a bong. If you’re water is not clean the smoke is going to be much harsher. This is why an ashcatcher is so important. The ashcatcher allows you to dirty up a separate piece for extra filtration and cleanliness.

FireShot Capture 216 Marley Natural Crystal Ashtray – DankGeek

An Ashtray

The actual act of using a bong can call for a few different accessories like an ashcatcher which we talked about above, but there is also special ashtrays. Dankgeek offers exactly what you need when it comes to clearing the ash out of the bowl. Many people tend to hit their glass against a surface to clean it which is a terrible idea for multiple reasons. Instead, there is an ashtray out there with a poker up top to clear the ash out. If you’ve never used one then you do not know what you’re missing. If you live in a place with carpet, ash can permanently stain it costing a lot of money when it comes to getting your security deposit. Avoid all of that by just getting the ashtray with a built-in poker.

Isoproyl Alcohol

Sometimes dealing with cannabis products can create a mess and become sticky. Unfortunately soap and water does not do the job which is why the alcohol is necessary. The alcohol will clean any glass product you have along with any sticky residue left on your skin or precious furniture. If you are a concentrate lover than having a bottle is going to be necessary otherwise you wont be able to clean the left over residue in the banger.

Hopefully legalization is coming to your state soon and if it already has then make sure these products are something you have.