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The Truth about High Stakes Poker Pros

Playing nosebleed stakes poker has been the dream of millions of poker players around the world since it became popular on television. What so many people do not realize is that when players are at that high of stakes most of the money on the table probably is not actually theirs? In 2020 professional poker is treated as a business for most if they want to be able to survive the swings of the game. To be considered one of the best in the world there are many different aspects to look at but today, most started their career by playing online poker after the Moneymaker boom.

Poker Being Treated as a Business

Many players do not have the necessary bankroll to control the swings of the game. In no limit poker your whole stack of chips or balance online can be gone in seconds. Players have a few different avenues of getting the funds to play but most who are winning more than fifty percent of the time have backers. Other go on sites like Situs Judi Online to build their bankroll. The second option can take a little longer but then you do not have the pressure of owing people money or having to pay a percentage of your winnings to someone who did not put in the hours of studying that you did.

High Swings

When it comes to high stakes poker the swings are like no other. When I say swing that is referring to the amount that can be won or lost in one night. Back in 2011 Daniel Negreanu sat at a table with one million dollars of his own money and proceeded to lose it all within hours. Something like that could set him back for months and can be quite depressing. Gambling for a living is no nine to five and is not for everyone.


High stakes players are treated as celebrities and can have quite a following. This can lead to many different disputes when the players air their opinions publicly. Last year Doug Polk went on a campaign to smear Daniel Negreanu after he talked about more rake being better for the game. Getting caught up in that drama is not for everyone and a lot avoid it but some try to make a name for themselves from it. If you look up Hashtagking you will see a ton of videos of a guy that won a lot of money and then proceeded to have temper tantroms on live poker streams.

Overall the high stakes poker world has a lot going on behind closed doors but it is the only sport where and average Joe can beat the best in the world.