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Why the Gpen Connect is So Revolutionary

If you have been on the outside of the cannabis world then you have probably missed out on the major products coming out that have been shaping the way we use cannabis. Over the last five years concentrates which are more potent forms of cannabis that can come in a wax, sugar along with many other forms. Typically these are used with a dabbing device which involves torches, easily breakable glass and wasted product. This is where the Gpen where Gpen has gone above and beyond. Recently the Gpen Connect came out which essentially is a portable electronic dabber. The Gpen Connect can be used with any glass piece that fits a 10,14, or 18 mm attachment.


The Gpen connect can be taken anywhere with the portable hemp case that can also hold your product, and dab tools. There is a holder for each of the small few pieces that come with the Connect. All you need to do is make sure wherever you are going has a water pipe or some type of rig to attach it too. I personally can pack up everything in less than a minute making it great for those times when you have to be on the stealthier side. There is the glass adapter, main area where the vapor passes through, along with the battery and chamber. All of this besides the battery of course can be submerged in alchohol to clean but it is also not something that will smell up a whole room since it's not smoke but vapor.

How it Works

If you check out youtube you can find a tutorial video of how to actually use the device. When it comes to what's actually going on as said before there is the battery for your power source. The main chamber where the vapor passes through downward into the glass piece you're using and most importantly the chamber for the concentrate. If you look inside you will see a ceramic place which has three different heat settings depending on what type of taste and vapor amount you're looking for. Once the concentrate is on the ceramic plate all you have to do is cover it up with the cap and press the button twice to heat it up. Once the light becomes solid you're ready to inhale.

If you're finding that the chamber is not heating up properly then the chamber is not screwed in all the way. Other than that you should not face any issues.

What Makes it Different

There are other competitive concentrate pieces out there but none are as refined as the g pen. You can litterally attach this to anything which makes this interesting. You can put it on a small dab rig or a three foot water pipe. The possibilities are endless!

Just beware that if you use this you're never going to want to dab in the traditional way again!