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Top 5 Common Injuries That Can Happen In New York City

The city is an exciting place but sometimes the excitement along with the heavy traffic creates an environment of risk for personal injury. The following is a list of the top five most common sources of injury in New York City and remember to contact a Personal Injury Lawyer NYC if you have any questions.

1) Construction Incidents and Accidents

The city is a place where a lot of construction takes place and just as there is a lot of construction taking place there is also an increased amount of risk and injury as a result of these many different construction projects going on. Different types of incidents and accidents can take place risking and actually causing harm not only to those working on construction projects but unrelated individuals who may happen to be in an area nearby at an unfortunate time. This is one of the most common sources of injury in New York City according to numerous public sources such as the New York Department of Labor.

2) Cycling Accidents and Fatalities

There are many reasons people may want to choose cycling as a method of transportation such as fuel efficiency or environmental impact, but this has led to a condensed mixture of traffic consisting of both motorists and pedestrians as well as cyclists. Unlike motorists, cyclists are not as well protected and share the same roadways as motorists which has contributed to an unusually high number of cycling accidents and fatalities in New York City specifically.

3) Slip and Fall

There are many business and avenues for commerce in New York City which as led to a great amount of interchanges where large amounts of traffic are frequented by many regularly. The sheer volume of people makes it near impossible to manage every single spill and slippery situation created which makes slip and fall a much more common risk in the city than in other places and source of risk to keep in mind.

4) Vehicle Collisions

Just because cars are more protected than bicycles and motorbikes does not mean they are not a potential risk of injury as well. Incidents and accidents involving cars and other motor vehicles such as trucks can also represent a serious risk of injury for a person. Given the density of New York, the tight traffic conditions, and the significant rush of traffic, all of these factors increase the risks associated with vehicle travel in the city.

5) Workplace Accidents and Illnesses

There are many risks that can be unique to each workplace but the risks are enhanced in a dense environment like New York City. The exposure to harmful chemicals may be more trapped in and thus more impacting on individuals, especially over a long period of time. This is a part of what makes workplace related illnesses and injuries among the most common types of personal injury that take place in the city as well.

There are many significant sources of risk and harm that are regular to everyday life. Unfortunately for New York City, the dense environment and city life that it is most known for is also the source of a variety of unique injuries that are specific to New York City specifically. Keeping these sources of risk and harm in mind can help in avoiding these types of personal injuries significantly. Remember to contact your local Personal Injury Lawyer in NYC if you have any specific questions.