ColorWare spruces up the iPhone


So you've just dropped $599 for an 8GB iPhone. After hearing news that the iPhone did gangbusters in terms of sales, suddenly, your shiny new toy doesn't look so exclusive any more, knowing that there are tons of other people out there who are using one as well. Since phones are a very personal thing, why not hand over your iPhone to the folks at ColorWare, where they have the skill and experience to give your beloved handset a new coat of paint in a professional manner? All it will cost you is 25% of the iPhone's price ($150), and you will be able to enjoy two color choices behind the phone.

If you're willing to pony up some more dough, there is the option to customize the shiny metal but and Home button on the front part of the phone, the Apple logo behind, as well as the earbuds and dock. Alternatively, you can also pick up a pre-painted iPhone from ColorWare themselves, be it the 4GB or 8GB model. It is interesting to note that after forking out $150 for a custom paint job, you still end up with a huge ColorWare logo behind that doubles up as free advertising. Is it worth voiding the warranty on your iPhone in order to stand out from the crowd? You be the judge.

Source: Crave

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