Must have iPhone app:

If you haven't downloaded the iPhone application for, then do it now. I just downloaded it after reading in the New York Times that I can watch full-length episodes and short clips of TV shows like Gossip Girl, Ghost Whisperer, and 90210.  The application is free to download, and gives you access to programming from a handful of channels  like Showtime, CW, and CNET.  You can even create a feed of your favorite shows so you always know what's current. It works great over Wi-Fi and 3G, but if you have EDGE like I do, you'll be seriously waiting a while for a single show to load.  I didn't see any ads playing during the video, which is great, although the video quality wasn't all that even over Wi-Fi. Either way, this is a great (and free) way to watch your favorite shows while you travel or during your commute.


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