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Comparing Benefits of Healthcare Learning Management Systems

A learning management system is a software application that supports the creation, delivery, and reporting of training events or online courses and exams (Ellis, 2007).  A healthcare learning management system is simply a software application that handles the same tasks with an informed design for healthcare training needs. 

According to Ellis (2007), A strong healthcare LMS should “centralize and automate program administration, use self-service and self-guided services, assemble and deliver learning content rapidly, consolidate training initiatives on a scalable web-based platform, support portability and standards, and personalize content and enable knowledge reuse” (Ellis, 2007).

A healthcare learning management system is beneficial to any healthcare organization big or small: from hospitals to small clinics to individuals looking to create and deliver continuing medical education courses. Any size organization stands to benefit from moving educational courses to an online platform. There are many benefits of Healthcare LMS

In this article, I will point out the various benefits of several healthcare LMS platforms. Hopefully this will help you in making a decision about which healthcare LMS is best for you. 

1. CertCentral 

Benefits of CertCentral:

  1. CertCentral is a very easy-to-use healthcare LMS. No extensive training is required in order to begin immediately building and delivering your healthcare training courses and exams upon subscription start date. 
  2. Meet accreditation requirements by delivering automatically generated certificates that award CME credit and list student-specific data such as license numbers.  
  3. Keep track of certificates earned and send notification emails to healthcare professionals that still need to finish their required trainings. 
  4. The student groups feature makes it easier than ever to duplicate and revise trainings so that they are of utmost pertinence to different healthcare specialties. 

2. eFront LMS

Benefits of eFront:

  1. eFront LMS supports Scorm and TinCan (xApi).  This meets content interoperability standards that not only strengthens the quality of your online healthcare programming, but also strengthens your learners’ experiences taking your online courses and exams.
  2. Create original interactive HTML5 content within your healthcare LMS.  eFront supports a native H5P editor so that you can better teach interactive healthcare procedures through role play. 
  3. eFront supports automatically generated certificates just as CertCentral does. Additionally, eFront supports the issuance of multi-purpose certifications which can have different expiration policies. This allows your enterprise to easily support any healthcare compliance training event.
  4. eFront supports gamification features so that learners can earn badges as they advance through complex healthcare topic matter. Gamification aims to increase learner engagement. 

These are just two of the many healthcare LMS platforms available at your fingertips. We encourage you to start your search here as you look for the healthcare learning management system that best fits your training needs.