Self-Stirring Mug

Desktop heaven.  Once again the makers of coffee cups (of which I'm addicted to already) have outdone themselves.  This mug won't walk into the breakroom and pour coffee or tea into it...but if you take care of that detail, it will stir itself for you!

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A self-stirring mug is especially useful when you keep condiments at your desk so that others cannot partake of them.  You know which ones I'm talking about--that special creamer you get in individual packages and hide behind your files.  Keep those all to yourself with this mug in hand.

Just pour your drink in and walk back to your own cubicle.  Then, you can add whatever items you need such as creamer or sugar to your mug and whirrrr away!  It comes with a handy top to keep you from spilling.  A small rotating blade on the bottom keeps things fresh for you while you drink.

I imagine you don't drink your beverage while you stir.  Source.


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