11 Ways To Create A Great Corporate Video

It’s a very challenging task when you plan and produce a successful corporate video with ad hacks. It takes to thoroughly communicate corporate brand identity if you ditch the average attention span against the amount of information. A corporate video is a video that clearly communicates what your brand is about, what the exclusive value of proposition your services have to offer, why people should consider your brand over competition, and what is your plan about delivering high-quality products. When you add a video to your social media efforts, it can make audiences 10 times more likely to engage and share your post.

In this article, we will share you 11 ways to create a great corporate video that captures the attention of your audience and converts their interest into investment. Here we go.

1) Start with a brainstorm

Sometimes it’s easy to determine what and how your business should create a video. But most of the times it’s very daunting to turn an idea for a product tutorial or explainer video into full concepts. If you start with a brainstorm, it can help those ideas thrive. You can keep notes on your sessions. They will help you as inspiration for videos down the line.

2) Focus on the benefits for the customers

You have to create a video that resonates with customers. It’s the trick for a corporate video editing. You can list the features, it’s very informative. But it doesn’t really help the audiences to understand how your service or product is the right one for them. That’s why I recommend illustrating the benefits of your product. It’s an effective approach for you. Show more, tell less.

3) Perfect the storyboard or script

You can use storyboards to create your animated videos. It’s not only a great way to organize your ideas but also a great way of visualizing them. Your business can readily discover potential ways to develop or change a video’s story by creating a visual of the video’s sequence of events. What helps to make the video great is the pre-production strategy.

4) Set the pace and lead to an inspiring conclusion

Sometimes your video looks stunning but it lacks engaging narrative and a central message. That’s why you have to make sure that they feel is right before you establish the look of your video. The words, voiceover, or the idea of the first scene should be relevant. They should catch their attention immediately. You have to make sure that the video has a beginning, middle, and ending that holds the viewer’s interest throughout because you're telling a story with video communication.

5) Pair your ideas with strong visuals

You have to design your video attractively because it’s the reflection of your brand’s personality. It can be professional and minimal or fun and animated. Make sure it’s consistent across video communications, no matter what style you choose. You can think of imagery and colors that bring ideas to life while choosing visuals. If you want to create intrigue at first glance, you have to make your first scene very eye-catching.

6) Hire a professional

Though it’s maybe an obvious first step but it definitely should be stated. Hiring a video production company or videographer can be an invaluable asset for your corporate video.   profit is they provide insights on scripts, logistics, lightings, editing, and basically every little necessary thing in the video production process.

7) Know your audience

You have to define your target audience and speak to them. It’s good to have a general appeal but it’s even better to pare down your strategic approach. You need to be very precise about how your company improves the life of your target audience. You can also give your ideal client a name and backstory and convert your messaging to the character you have created.

  1. Make a specific message

You need to be very specific about the purpose of your video when you create a video about a product launch or put a face to your corporate “About Us” page. You may miss an opportunity when you try to get too many points across you and you may lose your audience when you’re not specific with messaging. In this case, you can ask an outside source for their honest opinion to judge message clarity, it’s a great way.

8) Make an emotional connection

When you make a purchase decision, you’re typically conducting with an emotional decision. It’s great to list facts and benefits about your product or company but you also have to leave some room for a deeper connection with your target audience. You can tell a story about how your product has affected someone’s life. It helps to connect readers to your brand on an emotional level.

9) Be human

You put emphasis on the conveyance of information in your video but might forget that the conveyance of personality is also important. Your customers have to connect and relate to your brand. That’s why it’s very important to share what you believe in as a leader and not just what your company does. When consumers interact with the businesses, they need a certain level of transparency. It can help consumers make an invaluable connection to your company when you divulge some personal information about yourself.

10) Promote your video

The final cut and upload are not the end of your corporate video journey. Posting on only your website won’t do any justice of your hard work. You have to throw your corporate video on YouTube to maximize the opportunities. You should also email your clients with the exciting news and pitch the video to relevant PR outlets. One more thing you can also do is measure and evaluate your video's performance through analytics.

90% of customers reported that product videos or corporate videos helped them to make purchasing decisions. It ultimately helps to sell services and products when imperative companies create videos that resonate with their audience. If you’re not planning to make a corporate video for your company then you might be getting behind in the competition. That’s exactly why you should focus on making corporate video and I hope these 11 tips above will help you to make a great one.