Gifts for the Geek Chic

 We see a lot of geek chic items on this blog, so we thought we'd put a list together of some of the coolest stocking stuffers under $50, you can surprise your techie loving friends with. actually helped us put the list together for you, and to help you out, they're offering all Techie Diva readers a nice 15% off on all purchases over $35 all the way through Dec.15. Just tell them we sent you and give them the secret code TechieDelight when you check out.

The Little Lego iPod Speaker That Could

Since we can't give all our relatives an expensive iPod speaker system, we thought this little Lego speaker would be an even better--and cheaper--idea. Just plug it to your iPod, and share your tunes with those around you. We absolutely love the iPod Lego Mini Speaker. Price: $19.75 

Keep it Old School with a USB Stick Mix Tape

Before online marriage proposal widgets, the most romantic thing a guy could do to declare his eternal love for you, without actually saying too much, was to create a mix tape with the most romantic songs Whitney and Mariah could belt out. Today, the mix tape is a thing of the past, but to keep the tradition going, the Old School Mix Tape USB stick is a great way to share your favorite romantic ballads with that special someone. Just make sure you listen to the whole music compilation while dancing under the mistletoe. Price: $19.95

Boys will be Boys

If your guy loves gadgets and bicycles, this Hybrid Wall Clock made from recycled bike and computer parts is very hip; so hip in fact, we think Lance would approve. It's made from a bicycle sprocket and a computer hard drive, keeping two very bad things out of landfills. Going eco geek chic never felt so good. Price: $35.75

Not Your Momma's Coaster

Your Mom might've been groovin' to The Rolling Stones and David Bowie LP records in the 70s, but in today's digital age LPs have been reduced to super funky vintage coasters. Brighten up your flat with these colorful coasters made of recycled LP records, laminated to protect the labels from moisture and scuffs. They're definitely a great conversation piece. Price: $19.95

Make Your Own Duct Tape Wallet Kit

It's beyond me why anyone would ever want a duct tape wallet, but somehow they have entered the geek chic consciousness so they deserve a mention. Ductbills is a do-it-yourself kit for DIY geeks or smart ladies who want to save their money on holiday gifts. There's an idea! The kit comes with five pieces of colored duct tape and an instructions book that'll teach you the art of Duct-tape wallet making. Price: $19.75

 Honorable Mention:

We know this one isn't in the under $50 price range, but if you feel like splurging, check this out.

It's Getting Hot in Here

Let's face it, fans are ugly. No matter how attractive they try to make them, it's just impossible to make them look chic, or is it? The Propello Desktop Fan looks very sleek, and the design is so smart it doesn't even require a guard (the blades won't hurt you either). The fan is so quiet, it will keep your design junkie friends happy and free to focus all their attention on reaching their Nirvana. Price: $138.95

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