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Top Dog Parks In The World

Dogs are such a special part of many people’s lives which is why many people are going to be interested in dog parks to take their special friends to. While some dog parks are more fancy and grand than others, the following list includes some of the largest dog parks in the world.

#3 - Pilgrim Bark Park in Province Massachusetts

Known for its significant inclusion of arts and sculptures, this dog park covers about an entire acre of land and is made specifically for dogs to run around and explore. The scenery and artistry at this dog park is what separates this park from others. Not only can dogs enjoy the experience here but also dog owners and others who may be more interested in the scenery than anything else which is make this dog park especially noteworthy and the perfect place to enjoy Cheyenne Cigars.

#2 - Tompkins Square Dog Run - New York City

Located in one of the largest and most populated cities in the world, Tompkins Square Dog Run is one of the premier dog parks in New York City. The space and scenery in this park serves as a great escape to the hustle and bustle of the city. The dog park here is also famous for hosting a halloween dog parade that is one of the largest in the world. This park is really large and spacious despite being located in one of the most heavily urbanized and populated cities in the world which is what makes it among the most well known and most visited.

#1 - Dog Wood Park - Jacksonville, Florida

Coming in at a whopping 42 acres of land, the Dogwood Park here in Florida has many different types of features for both dogs and dog owners to enjoy. The park includes over 10 miles worth of trails and swimming lakes for dogs which is very unlike many other dog parks. It comes with a variety of parks and set ups also designed for dogs to have fun as well. The amount of space as well as the amount of resources at this park make it among the best and most well known in the world.

For various reasons, these are among the largest and most well known dog parks in the world. Know of any others that should be on the list? Let us know below!