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A Guide To The Best LG G7 and V35 Chargers To Use

Not all chargers work the same and some chargers are more suitable for some models than others. The difference that a powerful charger can have on a phone can impact the charge time and the amount of electricity used to charge overall. There are some chargers that work specifically well for LG G7 model devices as well as V35 models as well. Using specialty LG G7 and V35 chargers is going to make a noticable difference in the quality of charging in numerous ways.

What Makes Some Chargers More Powerful?

Understanding the difference between fast working chargers and slow working chargers is based on a variety of factors. One of these factors is the quality of the cable material which can either improve or hinder the rate at which a device is able to charge. Another one of these is with the arrangement and structure of the cables and wires in the charger will also influence the power that can be carried to the device. The combination of these factors are going to contribute to some chargers being more suitable for charging than others. Finding a high quality charger from a reliable brand that provides specialty products in this area is going to be useful in finding a reliable specialty charger that actually contains the materials of a high quality charger.

Specialty Fast Charging Cables

There are specialty fast charging cables that are designed to fast charge phones that are compatible for fast charging. Fast charging is a specific term that is used for phones that are able to be charged much more rapidly than ordinary charging. Where a full charge on an ordinary phone may be about 1 hour or so, fast charging phones can charge phones up to 70% to 80% as fast as minutes. This technology is compatible with some newer model phones and is a separate category of charging than ordinary charging. It is important to make sure that a phone is “fast charging” capable specifically before investing in a fast charging cable.


There are different types of chargers and they can make a difference in the quality of charging of devices including the amount of time. Different phones are more compatible with different chargers so it is important to research specifically what works best for your device. Having a reliable brand quality charger is going to make a noticable difference in the quality of charging which is why it is important to keep in mind. Have any additional insight on chargers? Comment down below!