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Cool Rooms to Add to Your New Home

If you are designing a new home then you will be given a ton of different options to add to the home. All men want a mancave but there are other cool types of rooms you can add to your home along with the normal types of room. If you have a lot of land that you are building on then the options are endless as long as you trust your contractor to carry out the ideas you come up with.

A Humidor Room

This is one of the coolest types of rooms around. The room is set up so you can enjoy all of your little cigars while not smelling up your whole house and the room will keep all of your cigars fresh. Stale cigars are terrible and it can be a shame if they get ruined from being in a room not made to hold cigars. If you smoke cigarettes as well then this room is perfect since you can just smoke inside instead of suffering in the cold whenever you want to go out and have a smoke.

Game Room

Game rooms are a ton of fun for adults and children. Some of the games can be quite expensive but you can turn it into an ongoing project. It is the same thing as building up a vintage car collection. My favorite are pinball machines but last time I checked the average one costs around four thousand dollars.


If you like to grow some of your own food or just like having beautiful flowers all year round then a greenhouse is for you. The coolest one I saw recently was when a house was built around the greenhouse. It was basically like having a covered courtyard inside your own home. Plus it is going to stay warm inside no matter what the time of the year is.

Enjoy your new home!