Nepsprint - How to Efficiently Build Trustworthiness Around Your Online Store

Whether you’re selling fisherman’s hooks or lovely lingerie, any online store should be designed to address a singular question – should a customer purchase a product here or is it better to look elsewhere? Yep, it’s all about the customer. Even if you are offering a truly revolutionary service, clients will fail to appreciate its importance if your site’s not designed with their interests in mind. 


When it comes to designing your website, it’s all about simplicity. This is the most important point, so it is only logical that it should be mentioned first. In terms of website engagement, 55 per cent of all visitors will spend less than 15 seconds on a page when searching for a specific option such as a checkout link. If your pages are not designed in an easy-to-navigate manner, you could easily lose a sale before it has even taken hold. A clean and simple layout is far more beneficial than one which bombards the visitor with excessive information and requests.


The personal recommendation was undoubtedly the first form of marketing. As brilliantly presented in the New Era Print Solution company infographic at the end of this post. Word of mouth advertising now exisits on social media, forums and review sites. Indeed, in today's interconnected world, where consumers validate their potential purchases through searches for recommendations on the internet and social networks. You cannot afford to have your customers leave your website without a satisfactory feeling. Consequently, you must strive to offer quality and proper attention to every new visitor - unless you want to create a twitter storm about how bad cstomer service is. 

Hence, it is vitally important to have effective communication channels that are managed by qualified personnel. To provide the necessary security to online consumers and remove all their concerns.


When entering an online page, the most important thing is to offer convenience to consumers. 

It is crucial to have different payment methods available so that each user can decide which one suits their current situation. 

Among them, innovative modalities such as virtual wallets and other external systems of excellent reputation stand out. This last point is of great importance. Since when popular payment systems such as PayPal are used, the customer feels safe when making purchases.

Data:  For online consumers, it is important to clarify as much as possible all available payment options. Since, when providing credit card information or personal data to the virtual wallet, doubts arise about their bank security. 

How to solve it? Expanding the communication channels that offer information and customer service numbers in which they can resolve doubts quickly and effectively.


The appearance of the online store is an influential element in the confidence of online consumers. However, there is another fundamental determining characteristic: the content of the articles. Some companies only settle for offering necessary product information such as:

  • First name
  • Brand
  • Basic model info 

Yet sometimes more details are required. So that the people on the other side of the screen are sure that the product meets their needs.

For example:  When buying a TV, it will not only be enough to know that it is a Samsung brand. In this case, it will be necessary to highlight other important attributes. Such as image resolution and SmartTV capabilities among other elements that will be essential for the customer to see. 

Fact: The same happens with the photographic material. If you have a virtual store whose theme is based on a rich image presentation. It is almost necessary that the images are of excellent quality and show all angles of the product.

Consistency is one of the most efficient techniques that can increase the confidence of an online consumer. Complying with the benefits offered by the company will allow you to believe faithfully in everything it reflects. 

For example:  If the e-commerce store offers free returns. It is a mistake that some amount is charged for this procedure. If this service has some conditions. It must be known to each user to avoid the “deception” effect in which the client feels cheated.

The same goes for free shipping, warranty months, compensation coupons, and other strategies that are used in eCommerce to satisfy buyers.