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5 Places To See In Cuba

Cuba is known for its beautiful locations but only few locations are known to be among the best. This list covers 5 places in Cuba that are a must see:

1. Vinales Valley

Known for its authentic Cuban tobacco farming valleys where the famous Seneca Cigars are grown, this area of land is famous for its hiking and biking environment. Large green valleys and mountains covered in greens extend from one end of the horizon to the other leaving nothing but adventure in between and making this another must visit destination in Cuba as well.

2. Visiting The Traditional Capital City

El Capitolio refers to the capital building of Cuba where there is a lot to admire in terms of the history and architecture of the Cuban people. Visiting this area is sure to orient a person with much of the history and development of Cuba into what it is known as today and that is why visiting the capitol is important.

3. Malecon, Havana

This long 8km strip of roadway is the main stretch in the modern Capital City of Havana which is going to have the most activity in terms of sites and tourism which is why it is also included as a part of the must see. Havana is a city that is known for its unique cuban attributes and culture that are guaranteed to impress any visitor. Whether it is one of their spicy dishes or exotic shows, the Malecon strip in Havana is one of the most cultured in the world.

4. Cayo Levisa

While Cuba is known for its amazing beaches located in all directions surrounding their Island, none are as famous or as renowned as the Cayo Levisa location which consists of an exclusive small white sand beach islands and a variety of amenities such as diving and lodging. While many beaches are an enjoyable experience, the Cayo Levisa experience is among the best in the world.

5. Zapata Peninsula

Cuba also has a significant wildlife presence which is attractive to many who are interested in this area of exploration. The Zapata Peninsula is known for its diverse wildlife for the reasons that it combines several habitats into one including forests an swamps and mountains. The combination of these lead to a diversified wildlife population that is certainly a sight unique to only Cuba and must be seen.

While there are many great places to see in Cuba, these places are so great that they are certainly a must see for anyone considering a trip to Cuba.