Victor unveils Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap

Rodents are pests that most people revile, and that's mainly because they do not come in a furry cuteness like Remy in Ratatouille. Somehow, mouse traps don't seem to work their magic anymore these days, and I'm pretty sure that some of us have experienced the bait being taken without any carcass to dispose of the next day. With the new Victor Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap, that could soon change. Touted to be "the fastest, easiest, most effective solution available", this fully automated mouse trap claims to remove a rodent infestation in a single night - pretty tall claims, eh?

Designed for superior interaction, the new Victor Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap has two points of entry via the lab-tested staircase design which lead mice into the Shock N' Drop Chamber. This chamber's patented 3-plate design senses the mouse's presence and sends a high-voltage shock to kill rodents in less than 3 seconds at a 100% kill rate guaranteed! This means no escapes, ever! After the mouse expires, the Shock N' Drop Chamber rotates, dropping the mouse into the collection drawer and then resets, ready to kill again. It's this technology that allows the Victor Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap to dispatch up to 10 mice per setting.

Each Victor Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap comes with a built-in safety switch that will deactivate automatically whenever the lid is left open. A set of batteries can kill up to 150 rodents before requiring a replacement.

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