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Pros and Cons of Travel Apps While Traveling in Asia

Traveling is so much different compared to twenty years ago. Back in the nineties, you would typically have to contact a travel agent if you were planning on taking a big trip to places like Europe, or Asia. They would help you find airfare, hotels and anything else you may need while you are there. Yes, there are still travel agents out there but now there are also some amazing and extremely creative travel apps. With everything, there are pros and cons so I hope this article helps you out on your next trip. Traveling with just a carry-on bag can even be a hastle now as some airlines are charging more for a carry-on then check in.


Private Tours

Most people want to do stuff that can be considered exclusive. Certain apps offer tours that you would not normally come across otherwise. For exclusive tours, I prefer to use the app Withlocals. The main reason for this is that they use only vetted locals for the tours. So, if you are planning to go to either Europe (Istanbul for example), or Asia (let’s say Bangkok) then that is an app you should definitely check out along with


Luckily, you no longer need to stare at a map to try and attempt to figure out where you are if you get lost. There are many apps out there that offer directions for free. It can be really risky to try and rely on a map when you are in a country in which the language they speak is unfamiliar.


Many of the apps offer rebates if you book through them. If you travel frequently then the savings can really add up. It helps if you look at it the same way as if you were going to collect miles each time you use your credit card.

Managing Your Flight Details

Flights are delayed frequently and it can be extremely frustrating if you are doing things on a tight schedule. It helps when you can receive updates which will allow you to plan accordingly or cancel stuff that you can’t do. When booking through kayak make sure you have some type of insurance on your trip because unpredictable things happen all the time.

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It takes the fun out of exploring the unknown

If you are using travel apps then you are not just going somewhere and going with the flow. Some people love going to a new place with no plan in hopes of doing something exciting that they would not have thought of otherwise. Traveling to a new place is fun and it’s impossible to see everything in just one day. Most people with a travel bug will actually visit a place multiple times until they are satisfied that they have seen everything there is to see that interests them.

Booking in the wrong city

When I say this it is probably peaking your curiosity. What I mean by this is that if you are trying to book a place through Airbnb and they do not recognize your city then it will unintentionally look for places in the wrong city. Typically this is not a problem but if you are using that platform then you probably want privacy which you will most definitely not find at a hostel.

Annual Fees

Some of the apps out there have an annual fee. Sometimes it’s unavoidable, but if you are going to end up having to pay a fee for the service then make sure it is actually worth it. See how much you are going to use the app and then make an education decision from there.


Sometimes the apps are not keeping safety in mind. If you are using a proper guide book then it may tell you to avoid certain places at night in particular cities whether it has to do with crime, or drug use. Not all of the apps out there will keep that in mind. To get to that local bar you may not realize that it is in a bad area which is not your fault because it is a new place that you know pretty much nothing about.

The Latest Travel Apps


Withlocals is great if you are looking for exclusive tours to go on. Not only is it private, but you are also able to customize which types of tours you want to go on with the filters that they have available. Most importantly they are only hosting vetted locals on the platform. This is important because in a lot of places many of the local tour guides will promise you the world and you end up feeling like you completely wasted your time. Whether you want to see amazing views or have the best nightlife experience then Withlocals is an app you must use. It is available both for Android and iOS.


Kayak is great for if you are looking to get a bundle of stuff. Meaning, if you want to just book your car rental, hotel, and flight all in one place then that is an app worth using. It can be hard to keep track of all the logistics but that place is great because they have all of that in one place for discounted prices. Just remember to shop around because there may be better discounts elsewhere.


Couchsurfing is great if you are looking to meet and stay with locals wherever you decide to go in the world. People from all over open up there homes to travelers. Over the years they have had more than four million couch surfers stay at over 400,000 hosts. They take safety seriously and have three different ways for you to get some information on your host before you go including profiles, and references.

Overall traveling the past few years has become easier, and a lot more interesting. Through these apps you are able to either see the amazing sights or get connected with locals who can show you the places that most people never get to see.