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Preference for online or one on one learning i.e. physical learning method is different from student to student. Students have been asked in the past for their choice of a learning process, while some have chosen to see the lecturer or the teacher as the case may be, many have opted for online learning. This preference has aroused the curiosity of why we choose different learning methods, but there have been some distinct trends on the type of students that prefer online learning.   Here are the characteristics penned down to understand the trend:

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Most students who prefer online teaching method to the traditional classroom are students who have been found to always sit at the back of the class in traditional classrooms. They find the lectures boring and never understand any concept from it, so they tend to either stay at home or sit at the back if they try to be present. Also, these students seldom ask questions in the class and they feel embarrassed when a teacher asks them a question. So they prefer online teaching method where they can read at their own pace in the presence of no one and they also ask questions either through the comment section of a video teaching or through an e-book. On the other hand, those who prefer traditional classroom learning tend to be very active in class and sit in the front rows. They ask questions; contribute to class discussions and answer questions.

Part-time workers

Another reason why students might prefer online courses against the traditional classes is time. It has been noted that students who have another businesses or jobs apart from being a student prefer online courses. This will give them ample time to work outside the classroom than being confined in a traditional classroom.

Different learning method

The number one example of the ability to understand in different condition is me. I prefer reading the material myself rather than listening to boring theories from boring lecturers. Students have been found to use different parts of their body to understand the lecture better. I prefer to read than to listen, you may prefer to be in class while someone else will prefer online teaching. Also you can get homework help answers while learning online, whereas it would not be possible in the traditional method.

Cost of learning

Online courses are cheaper than those in the traditional campuses. Tuition fee, accommodation fee, and other revenue are not the only stress that makes traditional classes stressful; other payments are there to make it a stress-laden program. However, online courses from some universities are cheaper to afford with relatively no amount needed for accommodation fee, transport fee, and other expenses.


Listening to lectures for hours on a chair, straining your eyes to see the board, back pain from long sitting and heavy legs because blood could not flow back normally to your body due to long sitting posture aren’t just burdensome but send students away from the class. So going for online courses seems appealing to students who cannot withstand these stresses. You will have the comfort of your home, no need for public transport and no late coming. However, seriousness might be lacking from students because of too much comfort.  

On a final note, having an online course looks beautiful with ample opportunity but it also comes with its own pros and cons.