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What Is Automated Website Testing And Why Should You Use It?

Automated Website Testing is the process of going to a website and checking to see if all of the links and functions on the website are working. This is important because some sites where the links are not working as they are supposed to be can be damaging to the user’s experience as well as the developer’s goals and objectives. The process of automated website testing is done automatically with the use of a specialized system and software that is designed to test websites automatically. This is greatly advantageous to manual testing because it is done systematically and automatically as opposed to manually which can take much longer. The results of this can be used to shape the decisions of developers and implementers later on. Different automated website testing systems such as LambdaTest and kits come with different tools and features that differentiate them from one another.

Different Tools For Automated Website Testing

There are many different types of tools and features associated with automated website testing that many systems have and some tools that are unique or exclusive to certain softwares, such as Cross Browser Testing for example. The relevance and applicability of each of these tools depends on the project needs of the individual.

One tool that is standard with Automated Website Testing is cross-language compatibility which contributes to the effectiveness of some systems over others. Another tool or feature that is standard with these types of systems is debugging log generation which generates reports based on the results of a testing. This is usually standard with most systems in general as well.

Cloud integration and automatic hosting is going to be an important part of an automated website testing system which is usually available with most systems but not all systems.

One important feature that may not be available with all systems but is available with specialized systems such as LambdaTest is cross platform interoperability which allows the system to be used in conjunction or combination with other systems and platforms. This is going to allow the system to be used in a much wider variety of contexts which presumably makes the testing more effective.


These are just some of the standard tools and functions associated with Automated Website Testing as it is used in the general context. While the needs of each project may be independent and unique, the impact that a strong testing system can have on the quality of the website is substantial.