Laser Gaming Mouse

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Habu™ has created a laser gaming mouse that will give you the precision you need to move fast, shoot accurate and play.  Microsoft Hardware is working in conjunction with the gaming innovator, Razer® and they have created a high-performance mouse.  I am currently using a laser mouse and I've been super impressed with the difference.  I've love a chance to try this one out.

With customizable buttons, high speed sensitivity switching, high-speed motion detection, 16 bit Data Path and 1000 Hz Ultrapolling, boasting superior response time with a mouse glide, and ergonomic design, this mouse will give you the options you need to use it with any game you play. 

It is wired, so if you're spoiled to a wireless mouse, you might rethink this one...but I think you'll find that if you've been using just an optical mouse, that the laser mouse is far more responsive for your ultimate gaming needs.

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