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Four Questions to Ask Your SEO Agency

When it comes to getting your website off the ground floor, using the right SEO agency is going to be of utmost importance. With so many companies putting in heavy resources into their online presence, it is starting to get really competitive. To try and do everything yourself can be an overwhelming experience because you are trying to learn a new industry. Many people choose to hire an SEO Agency here knowing that they are familiar with exactly what needs to get done. With that being said, you are going to need to know the right questions to ask them. Below you can see a few must ask questions to find the right agency.

How have your strategies adapted to Google’s algorithm changes in recent years?

Many people do not realize this but google is constantly changing their algorithms. Google has an extensive history of algorithm updates, search index changes, and different refreshes. For example, there was an update called panda which they use to stop sites with poor content from showing up on the top search results. Click Consult SEO services is a great agency to reach out to for this.

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How do you use data to improve campaign performance?

You need to make sure that your SEO agency is targeting the right customers through the correct channels. Most importantly, the messages that they come up with should resonate with your customers. It is important to use the data to find out what is engaging your customers the most.

What content marketing strategy are they using for your campaign?

What most startups fail to realize is that almost ninety three percent of business to business marketers us content marketing. In order to do the right campaign the agency will need to have a strong foundation of knowledge and preparation in order to choose the right kind of content marketing strategy.

How often do you review and analyze targeted keywords?

Effective research on using the right keywords is really important these days. The best SEO agencies use different keyword research to find out which topics they should write about and the best phrases to use.

Overall choosing the right agency can be overwhelming but you should always have a good list of questions to ask. Depending on how they answer is how you should make your decision.