SEXY Red: Samsung Q30

Redlaptop_2 At least we are making progress here, pink is for girls, red is for sexy women. Ok,ok, so we are going in the right direction Marketing Teams of America, just a note, we like cool colors too! How about some greens and blues. They obviously don't have women coordinating gadget hues. Samsung at least is trying with their new Q30 in red. The featherweight laptop is extra light that you can tote it around. It weighs 1.10kg without the external drive that matches the red laptop. It was launched in Thailand and Malaysia May 6, 2005. The problem is that they are targeting the high end market with these prices. Price $2,438.41  [Via]

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  1. Lynda 10 May, 2005 at 16:57

    I used to work for Sony and always was asking how come the company didn’t make more hip designs that were not only high performance but a bit more targeted to women. They never did a thing and now look at where Samsung is and how far Sony has fallen (though I still love their camera and laptop and tv designs)
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