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How to Unwind After a Long Day of Programming

It takes a special kind of person to be able to sit in front of a laptop eight to sixteen hours a day and code. There are just so many obstacles on a day to day basis that they need to constantly overcome which can be quite draining on the mind. Many programmers often find themselves unable to stop thinking about their project even when they are not even at work. There needs to be a separation between work and home or else you will get burnt out extremely quickly. Below are a few suggestions on how to unwind after work.

Get a Premium Mattress

Most programmers work so many hours a day that by the time they get home it is just to late to do anything but sleep. After that many hours you deserve to at least have an amazing mattress. Check out Rest Right Mattress for high quality adjustable beds. You can also get great quality pillows on their site.

Go on A Bike Ride

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It is really satisfying to get home, switch clothes and grab your bike for a nice long ride. Find a nice biking path near you and just ride until you are to tired to think. By the time you are done your mind will hopefully be clear.

Sit in Silence

Now of course this suggestion is completely impossible if you have a wife and kids at home. For those of you who don’t just devote a half hour when you get home to put everything away and reflect on your day. This may seem boring but over time you will be looking forward to your half hour of peace and quiet.

Play Video Games

If all else fails then turn on your favorite video game and play. You can check out my list of video game suggestions here. Some people just are not wired to sit in silence or even do physical activity. This suggestion is for those people but if you have other hobbies then try to spend more time doing that.

Personally, I love to play tennis after work. After spending a full day programming I look forward to playing. Tennis was once reserved for the rich and wealthy but now it is pretty affordable. Just find a racket on ebay and look up online if there are any places to play near you. If you have never played then you should probably find a place that gives lessons.

Overall, just find something that you love to do that does not involve work and do it!