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Top Techie Methods to Earn Bitcoin

The cryptocurrency market is now full of cryptocurrencies, some known and some still relatively unknown. Amongst all the dozens of cryptocurrencies in the world, there is one cryptocurrency i.e. Bitcoin which commands a huge following. There are a number of reasons why Bitcoin is the most popular of all cryptocurrencies. These include the fact that it is the first cryptocurrency to emerge and also it is the most valuable cryptocurrency among all others. Due to these factors, many people when they want to get cryptocurrencies search for Bitcoin. If you find yourself in this same scenario, continue reading to know all of the top places you can visit in order to earn Bitcoin for yourself.

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One of the most popular ways to earn Bitcoin is through trading. You can trade for Bitcoin on Bitcoin exchanges. For those who have had the pleasure of trading before in stock trading or forex trading, the same trading methods used in those fields are the same with Bitcoin trading. The only difference is that here you are trading Bitcoin and not stocks or foreign currency. Bitcoin trading entails that you track and monitor the performance of Bitcoin over a period of time. The beauty of Bitcoin trading lies in the fact that it can be done by everyone and it has the potential to reward traders handsomely, sometimes with thousands!

Online Gambling

Another top way to earn Bitcoin is through online gambling. There are a number of online casinos which have turned themselves into Bitcoin casinos. By Bitcoin casinos, we mean casinos that allow players to deposit, wager and withdraw using Bitcoin. If you want to learn more on Cryptimi you can find a detailed list of the best and safest Bitcoin Casinos out there. Via online gambling, gamblers can deposit a small chunk of BTC and play their favorite gambling games. In the case of a win, gamblers will be able to withdraw their winning sin Bitcoin. Alternatively, there are some Bitcoin casinos where gamblers can deposit using fiat currencies (US Dollars, EUR etc.) and then convert the fiat currencies into Bitcoin at the casino. Such casinos come in handy for those who do not have Bitcoin beforehand. However, note that you will have to open a cryptocurrency wallet in order for you to receive your winnings when you withdraw your winnings in Bitcoin.


All BTC in circulation comes from mining as it is the primary source of Bitcoin. You can also earn Bitcoin from mining. For mining, you will need to be good at math as you have to solve complex cryptologic problems before you can earn yourself some Bitcoin. In addition,you also need to have a PC that has strong performance and a lasting battery, plus a strong internet connection. Without these prerequisites, the hunch is, your adventure will be futile.

Accept Bitcoin Payments/Sell your Stuff for Bitcoin

You also have the freedom to accept payments in Bitcoin i.e. if you render services or if you sell stuff via the internet. It does not matter which line of business you are into, through the use of cryptocurrency converters, you can easily accept payments in Bitcoin by integrating Bitcoin processing systems on your website.