Hipster Cards for Hipster People

Hc_h_gen_zoloft  Sometimes Hallmark cards just don't capture the right words with their cheesy, all too serious captions. There are moments in friendships when you just want to be funny, clever or naughty. Hipster Cards are the perfect way to tell your girlfriends "You are so much less of a Bitch",  or you can send your boyfriend a sexy message like this one, this one, or this one. Check out Hipster Cards Blog for some funny captions. The cards are FREE, the messages are hilarious, and your friends will loose their lunch after reading the not-so-heartfelt message.  Check out HipsterCards.com.

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  1. Lynda 10 August, 2005 at 07:38

    Thanks for the great shout out! Wait until you see some of the Japanese Anime ecards we are adding to the site next week…they are weirdly beautiful. We LOVE TechieDiva!!!!

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