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Benefits of Working Remotely

Thanks to technology many people are no longer a slave to the nine to five grind that was once so common. Many companies are now realizing that it is possible to get work done from home, instead of forcing employees to be in their office every single day. In the US, and UK many companies are encouraging their employees to work in different environment so that way they only have to go into the office a few days a week.

Allows You to Do Other Activities

If you are at an office for eight hours, maybe only five true hours of work are getting done when you account for coffee breaks, and lunch. Working from home gives you extra time to do things like playing online lottery games in your spare time. If you are interested, make sure you use the iLottery Bonus Code.

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Get More Sleep

For many people that have to commute into, or out of the city it forces them to wake up a few hours before they actually start working which can turn an eight-hour day into a ten-hour day. Being able to skip the commute can give that extra sleep which truly makes a difference. Being able to start your day off not having to worry about catching a train or leaving in time will take a huge weight off your shoulders.

Being Able to Make Appointments

I cannot tell you how many times a coworker had admitted to me that they haven’t gotten a yearly check up in multiple years due to the hours they work. It’s really troubling to hear something like that since having your health is paramount. You should never put yourself in a position where it’s impossible to go to a simple, but important appointment during the day. Working from home a few days a week simplifies the whole aspect of this.


Many people are just too tired at the end of their day to even think about going to the gym or even just taking a simple walk around the neighborhood. Not being in an office allows you to go to the gym or even play a friendly game of tennis during the day.

Overall it is troubling to see what the nine to five world is missing out on. Luckily employers are starting to adjust to the change that is going on in the workplace. Hopefully in the next few years more and more people will start escaping this.