Evolution of Smart Phones

The first smartphone was invented in 1992.  This was the IBM Simon personal communicator which was introduced to the consumers in 1994. The smartphones came with a heavy price tag of $1,100 and around 50 000 were sold in a space of six months.

ios 1091302 1920

It consisted of a monochrome LCD screen measuring 4.5 inches x 1.4 inches. This is clearly inferior when it was compared to the ones we have nowadays widescreen displays.

  1. Battery life Span.  The battery lifespan of the first smartphone only lasted 1 hour compared to the ones that we have on Samsung S8 and the newly realised iPhone, which has about 8 hours talk time and 250 hours on standby.
  2. Features. The first smartphone from IBM only consisted of primitive features such as email, address book, faxes, touch screens with apps and predictive typing whereas, the latest smartphones consist of well-advanced features such as web browsing, searching, maps, touch screen and one can access how to play best online casino Australia games.

Smartphones have improved in terms of technology and reliability, so much that there are now improved soft wares that are tagging along with them. The coming of Android and iOS were great as users are spoiled for choice on which device to use as they are all well created.

Google Android V Apple iOS

There are more gaming applications which are created for Apple iOS whereas more customization is available on Android devices. However, iPhones can integrate well with computers, tablets and Apple watches thus make it even more advanced and expensive than the Android. On the other hand, Google Android has a stronger email app than the iOS mail.

In the navigation system, Android Google maps come at the top as it offers cycling directions which Apple doesn’t offer.

Most Apple iPhones are very much more advanced when it comes to camera picture quality compared to the Google Android. Both devices have great camera picture quality and great real money online casino sites. And stand a chance to win big