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iPhone X

The first thing that people will notice about the new iPhone X is the cost.  This phone does not come cheap and so is most definitely not an impulse buy at around $1000.

New Modern Design

The iPhone X has a modern design and comes with a new unlock feature and a larger OLED screen which is one of the phone’s best features. Get your new iPhone X an all-in-one iPhone manager to manage data in your way, including photos, video, muics, contacts, etc.  The screen is 5.8 inches and does not have a home button, and even though this may seem out of the ordinary, the whole point of the phone is to have as little as possible.  All that’s needed is a swipe and users will be returned to their home screen. Another swipe will show all the phone’s apps. The phone also has a touch of class with a stainless steel band and rounded, seamless corners.

Face ID Feature

The new unlocking feature uses the TrueDepth camera with the Face ID feature.  Users will just need to look at their phone and swipe to log in. The Face ID also offers a security feature allowing users to make mobile payments.  The iPhone X also has a Touch ID which is a bit quicker, but doesn’t work so well if fingers are sweaty. The unlock function works equally well in the dark and in bright light.

The Super Retina Display gives users excellent colour quality and has been compared against the iPhone X’s competition and has come out tops.  The new larger screen is brighter and also has wider viewing angles, making it ideal for playing the online Bingo Australia has to offer.  Looking for a phone that supports HDR content, the iPhone X does that too.

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Improved Camera

The TrueDepth camera offers the bokeh feature which gives users the same blur effects that photographers use when taking portraits.  Both the front and rear cameras have Portrait Lighting effects which can be used before or after the picture has been taken. Users can choose features such as Stage Light (which will remove the background).  Apple is also allowing other developers to make use of their Portrait Mode so users can put their photos into backgrounds from all sources.

The camera has been improved and has a larger and faster sensor with more true to life photos with realistic colours.  The lens has an optical image stabilizer which improves photos and videos taken in low light. The zoom is also much better.

Faster Performance

The iPhone X is 70% faster with a new A11 Bionic chip by means of four high efficiency cores and performs better via the two high performance cores.  The point of all this is that it boosts augmented reality (AR) so for gaming this is great and offers a very real experience.

Animoji Fun

Apple has also added some fun stuff to their iPhone X in the form of the Animoji feature.  Users can transform themselves into 12 different characters using the TrueDepth camera and the users expression will be mirrored onto the Animoji.  Users can also record messages using their Animoji of choice and send it to friends. Even their Android friends will be able to see their Animoji message.

The iPhone X is a great new phone and offers many new features, but the cost of the phone for many is a deterrent.  Users will have to weigh up their options and decide just how much they want all these new features.