Kernel Kutter makes life in the kitchen easier

kernel-kutterStripping kernels off from a corn can be quite a painstaking task if you don't have any other tools to use other than your God-given fingers. Thankfully, we have the Kernel Kutter that offers a pretty handy method of removing corn from the cob. all you need to do is slip the expandable stainless steel circular cutter over one end of the cob and deal it one swift stroke, stripping kernels off the ear in an instant. All you need to do is gather those loose kernels up and prepare yet another corn-based meal for the rest of your famished family. I suppose this kitchen gadget comes in handy when you're an old hand when it comes to making creamed corn, succotash, corn pudding, and salads.

The dishwasher-safe Kernel Kutter currently retails for a mere $8.99, which is a small price to pay considering the amount of time you save in the kitchen.

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  1. Neil 25 April, 2007 at 06:51

    Kind of waste of money, I mean a good knife and four turns of the cob and your done. Unless you’re accident prone (in which case you have no right to be in the kitchen) I really can’t see the point in wasting money on a device that can only do one thing…more so when its something thats not hard to do in the first place.

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