iPod Lighted Case

Dress up your iPod with some fancy lights and show your originality a bit.  Griffin Technology has a disko case that is polycarbonate with included lights.  A hard outer shell to protect your iPod (which should be your FIRST priority) and the added feature of lights to brighten your listening experience some.

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A ring of colored LEDs around the Click Wheel lights up and gives you a show with lights that swirl, flash and chase in a variety of fun patterns, triggered by movement.  Three light colors and five lighting sequences with two case color choices (clear or black) give you plenty of room to enjoy your case while listening to your favorite music.

This case is motion controlled and lights up with movement.  Griffin also has choices for the Sanso and nano.  This one comes in at $29.99 so it's not bad for a change from your boring, non-lighted case.

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