It's a Purse, No it's a Laptop Bag the place for all things chic is featuring the beautiful Persida Lapsac bag by Nanda Home tote bag. This bag is for girls who hate laptop bags that look like laptop bags. This stylish oversized bag has a padded zipper front that can hold your Macbook, and as the site says, this bag is perfect when you're traveling. Now you don't have to carry a bag for your notebook, and another for your magazines and snacks. The cotton tote features a very feminine pink lace pattern in the front, is roomy enough to hold all the stuff you need on a daily basis.lapsak.jpg

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  1. bkdude 5 November, 2009 at 06:11

    I have the complete opposite problem.

    People mistaking my laptop bag, which I use to carry school materials, as a purse.

    Very odd.

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