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Can Solitaire Help With Critical Thinking?

Solitaire is one of the most beloved games of all time. You have nostalgia, a simple game that everyone understands, and logic building skills. Yes, solitaire can improve your logic and problem-solving skills, which also helps with critical thinking.

There’s only one problem - when was the last time you had a minute to burn at a PC or laptop? Most of us are using our phones or tablets nowadays, we’re always on the move, so our games should be, too. Android solitaire is the answer. Take it with you on the go, plant yourself for five minutes while you’re out and about, or just kill some time on the train ride to and from work. There are endless applications.

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The best part is, when you use Android or iTunes solitaire, you’re actually sharpening your cognitive skills in between mundane tasks, such as work or classes. These are three things that solitaire does for your brain:

  • Quick Thinking: As you play solitaire, you may notice your speed drastically increases with time. That’s because you’re actually working your brain enough to develop quick, reasonable, solid solutions to issues.
  • Problem-Solving: Besides speed, you’ll come up with more creative solutions to your problems in varying situations.
  • Positive Function: When we view mind numbing media on a constant basis, it doesn’t do anything positive for our brain. Logic games with simple deduction, especially solitaire, can help promote positive brain activity and keep you sharp.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to the app store and download solitaire, and have it sent straight to your Android phone or iPhone today. Keep your brain sharp while you’re in between tasks, commuting, or enjoying a snack on the side of the road during rush hour. There’s a hundred opportunities throughout the day to sharpen your mind, so get to it!