A Fun Speaker for Your Sk8ter Boyfriend

You might have seen Vestalife's Ladybug iPod Speaker Dock before. The spherical speaker opens up it's wings to reveal a universal iPod dock that fits most iPod models. Well, the cute little speaker has gone all grunge on us for a limited edition the company hopes will appeal to skateboarders. Element and Vestalife teamed up and produced an edgier Ladybug featuring two designs, one for guys and one for the gals. A black version with a skull and crossbones was on display at Macworld, which I understand is the more male-friendly edition, while a sky blue Ladybug with paisleys is meant to attract the gals. I personally like the black version a lot better  than the blue version, but that's just me. A representative for Vestalife tells me the new Ladybug will be available next month for $110, so keep your eyes peeled if you want one for your sk8ter boyfriend.



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