Leo scratching post keeps your cat occupied

wobbling-scratching-postFor those of us who have cats sitting at home, it can be quite a challenge training it to stop sharpening its claws on our favorite sofa and tables, so getting a scratching post smeared with catnip would be the traditional solution. James Owen decided to up the ante by introducing a beautiful scratching post that is made from zebra wood to complement the rest of your home's furniture. The base is made out of aluminum, making this a cross between the weeble-wobble and a scratching post for cats.

IMHO, this is a much more viable solution than carpet-based ones as it does not sit there collecting dust and other living organisms when idle. Your cat would also have a much more fun time pawing the Leo scratching post as it rocks back and forth. There is no word on pricing or availability, so you will just have to shoot the man an e-mail to find out more.

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