Top High-Tech Gadgets for Hunters and Shooters

Do you love hunting and shooting? Are you into having the latest gadgets for your gun and other
hunting items? If you say yes to both of these questions, then this list is for you!

We know there are a ton of hunting gadgets that are on the market, and it can be hard to choose
which ones are worth getting. We have eliminated that problem by giving you the top high-tech
gadgets that you can buy right now.

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Burris Eliminator Rifle Scope

A rifle scope is a hunting gadget that you put on top of your rifle to make a more accurate shot. The
Burris Eliminator is a rifle scope that is like having a ballistic calculator and rangefinder all in one. You
can program the rifle scope to know the type of rifle and cartridge you are using.

Then, you can use the button that brings up a red dot that shows in the cross hairs of the rifle scope.
From there, you use aim at your target, using the dot, and shoot for the kill. This makes hunting so
much easier, and there is really no guess work.

Leupold Vendetta Rangefinder

The best laser rangefinder will have a great LCD display, be compact, and include features such as
being waterproof and having an auto focus ability, with several times magnification. When getting a
new rangefinder, you will want to consider things such as the range of the finder, the magnification,
the various modes of operation and the price.

The Leupold Vendetta Bow Rangefinder will attach to your bow and gives off a beam that gives a real
time reading digitally on the display. With this rangefinder, you don’t have to use already determined
landmarks or figure out your range before the animal moves. You can even see the distance in range
while you are aiming, so you can make your target.

Wind Wizard II Wind Gauge

The Wind Wizard II is a device that will give you the precise wind speed, which can then help you to
determine the trajectory of either your arrow or your bow. This can be used with a ballistic calculator
for a better shot.

With the Wind Wizard II, you can measure your wind speed in MPH, feet per minute, kilometers per
hour, milliseconds or knots. The LCD display also shows you the wind chill and gives a temperature
display in Fahrenheit or Celsius. This item has a polymer frame and is simple to operate.

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Ozonics Hunting Molecule Machine

Now, this is the future! This machine changes the molecules in the oxygen into what is called ozone
molecules. Inside of this machine is a noiseless fan that sends those new molecules out into the air
where they will bond downwind with an animal’s scent molecules. This makes a human scent
impossible to smell to your target, whether it be deer or turkey.

For the most part, hunters and shooters use these machines in their blind or tree stand. These
machines work in winds up to 15 MPH.

Firefly Wind Detector

This hand held device is used to give you the wind direction, with advanced technology and it can tell
you if there is even a small amount of air movement you can’t detect. With this gadget, you his the
button and it will give you a report within seconds on the LED screen. The great thing about this
device is that it takes 512 readings per second, giving you highly accurate information.

The Firefly will turn off on its own after 8 seconds, and it will continue reporting until it shuts off.
Having the most accurate wind current information helps you to successfully take out your target
while hunting. This is the most sensitive wind detector out there right now.

ThermaCell Bug Eliminator

Are you missing your shot because there are mosquitoes and other flying insects around? The
ThermaCell can help with that problem as it has an odorless gas cartridge that heats inside and warms
up a pad that has the repellent inside. The standard pad is has no scent and will not alert any game in
the area.

You can use the standard no scent or you can use cover scents such as ones that smell like the earth,
which will keep you from having your scent given off. The best part is that there are no batteries and
you don’t get eaten up by bugs or miss your shot because of a fly!

Xplat Reloading and Ballistic App

You might wonder how an app from your phone can help you with hunting and shooting. Well, you
would be surprised! The Xplat is an app that uses software with a data bank that will give you the
ballistics of your hand held ammo based on many determining factors, such as the weight of the
bullet or the powder charge.

You can also use this app to give you the ballistics information on your factory ammo. Plus, if you
know the density, velocity and other determining factors about your cartridge, you can figure out the
maximum range on your target animal, based on its size. Only a few dollars, it’s definitely useful and
worth the cash!

Cass Creek Game Call I Phone App

This is another application for your phone for those times that you have forgotten your game call
device. For just a few dollars, you can use your phone, or an external speaker, to make a game call
system. There are over 20 different calls on the app and it’s definitely worth the cash to call game
closer to you to shoot!

We hope you have found this review helpful and that one or more of these gadgets can be used on
your next hunting or shooting trip! Now that you are aware of some of the newer high-tech gadgets
out there, you can successfully opt for some that will work for you!

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