Techie Women Elsewhere...

  • Hate bulky jackets? Try Maplin's Heated Bodywarmer with hidden heating wiresJacket_2 woven into the fabric. This thin jacket will heat up to 40 degrees using only battery power. [Shiny Shiny]
  • Zicplay announces the world's first remote control for your iPod-- so you can display all it's glorious playlists on your LCD. Tuneview makes it easy for couch potatoes to navigate their playlists from across the room.  [GadgetCandy]
  • Wash, Dry and Iron up to 16 items all at once! A bright fella from the UK may have the answer to all your laundry woes. This could seriously put some cleaners out of business. [Popgadget]
  • Find out the latest on mobile devices straight from the Diva's mouth. From Red PEBLs, to Pink Razr, to Wi-Fi at your local McDonalds, Darla knows it all. [Darla Mack]

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