3 Things to Avoid When Going Through a Divorce

Going through a divorce can be extremely emotional for everyone involved including family members or even friends. Emotions can lead to brash actions and override your common sense. A lot of people sabotage their divorce proceedings by doing things based on emotion whether it has to do with social media or even hiding assets. No one wants to give up half of everything they’ve worked so hard to gain but that is why a good lawyer is needed. A divorce should be more like a business transaction then an emotional event.

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Never Hide Your Money

Hiding money from your spouse is not only ethically wrong but it is against the law once a divorce is filed. In most states once the divorce is filed they monitor everything from your 401k to your savings account from 8 years ago that has been collect .01 percent interest each month. Some states also place a temporary restraining order against this so you will be blocked from cashing anything out. Also if you are the one that is getting assets hidden from you make sure you keep track of everything because it affects how much you get and you may never get that money back!

Keep Your Divorce off of Social Media Chanels

Family law expert and attorney Craig Cherney says "Digital footprints of your social media can and will come back to haunt you in a divorce, particularly where there is litigation over child custody.  Consider everything you ever post on line will someday be presented to a family law judge and potentially be used against you by your spouse in the divorce." Children tend to be the victims in a divorce so doing everything you can to make sure the Judge does not decide you are not fit to have custody of your child is paramount.

Do Not Serve Your Future Ex Husband/Wife in Public

This is just a no no. If you want to have a somewhat peacefull and logical divorce than doing this will kill all of those chances. It can be extremely mortifying to have that happen and can just add to the resentments they may already have. When there is advanced knowledge of the impending divorce and the correct communication it can have a better effect on helping things go smoothly.

Overall, a divorce is not pleasant and it never will be for the majority. Remember that a divorce lawyer has most likely seen everything go wrong and that is why they give the advice they do.