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How to Create A Stress and Sleep Friendly Environment In the Bedroom

When it comes to a good night’s sleep the statistics are horrendous. When it comes down to brass tax over one – third of American’s do not get good night’s sleep. Below you will see a few suggestions on how to gain a good night’s sleep and keeping your bedroom stress-free whether its buying beautiful furniture for bedroom from urban ladder or just keeping your room clean.

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Keep Your Room Clean

Having a messy room with clutter believe it or not can create a stressful environment. Its best to go to sleep with a clear head and that starts with a room clear of clutter. I would rather not have to worry about stepping on clothes old plates when I get out of bed. Having clutter in the room is a reminder of what is left undone. Furthermore, I hope this is a given but clean sheets are imperative. For me, I like to change my sheets at least once a week. It feels so good to lay down on some fresh sheets!

Get Rid of Any Outside Light

Studies have shown that having any types of artificial lights on in the bedroom when you’re trying to go to sleep affect your sleep cycle. Surprisingly, this even includes a clock by the bed. Turning the clock upside down is a good first step. Most people do not even use clocks anymore and just stick to using their phone which is even better since the only time the light would go on is if you press a button.

Keep a Cooler Bedroom

Trying to fall asleep in a bedroom that’s hot is a terrible idea. If you do not want to keep your thermostat that low due to your budget than having a ceiling fan on is the next best step. During the summer you would be surprised at how many people don’t change their bedding accordingly. Make sure that during the summer you get rid of that huge comforter and switch it out with something more breathable. The best fabrics for the summer are cotton or linen. Even when it comes to pajamas use those fabrics as they are more breathable.

Overall there are many aspect to keeping a stress and sleep friendly environment and this should be a good start.